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Menlo Technical believes in building very reasonably priced website solutions for all types of businesses. In today's world, businesses of all types need to have a website that fits the demands of their clients and meets the needs of modern website development standards.

Whether their clients use Apple, Microsoft Windows, Chromebooks, Android Phones or iPhones, all of these devices need to easily display content, have responsive graphics and text, and follow the current recommended guidelines of Google's Webmaster Design requirements. Without these considerations, websites can actually hurt the online brand reputation and fall behind their competition. Sometimes in expensive ways - in example - by falling behind in search engine placement.

Below is a questionnaire designed to help Menlo Technical build and design a site for your business, address your requirements into your future website. Please fill this out as detailed as possible, and we will get back to you quickly. We are excited to help you move your business into an entirely new web experience!

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